Zion Shall Be Redeemed: Isaiah 1:21-31


Isaiah 1:21-31

I.  The Faithful City Has Become a Harlot(vs. 21-23)

a. What language is used to describe the former Jerusalem?


b. What does God say Jerusalem has become?

c. What material symptoms reveal how far Jerusalem has fallen?

d. What moral / ethical problems does He describe?


II.  I Will Turn My Hand Against You  (vs. 24-26)

a. Who does the Lord describe as His adversaries and enemies? 

b. How are the wicked interspersed in Jerusalem like dross in silver? 

c. What is required to remove dross and separate alloys into pure metals?

d. Why will God turn His hand against the wicked in Jerusalem? 

e. What is God’s plan for the city?

III.  Redeemed (vs. 27-31)

        a. How will God redeem Jerusalem?

        b. The reference to the terebinth describes the pagan worship places set up and frequented by the Jews. 
            What would become of the

        c. Clearly God is dealing with the idolatry of His people here.  Why is it significant that He says it is what the    
            people have

        d. What will become of all the idolaters even the strong?

Application:  Why was it necessary that God purge the city of unrighteousness?

                     What do we call it when He purges us of unrighteousness?