Whom Shall I Send: Isaiah 6:1-13


Isaiah 6: 1-13

I.  I Saw the Lord (vs. 1-4)

    a. King Uzziah (Azariah) was a good king (2 Kings 15:3) and reigned longer than any other king in Judah or
        Israel.  He was also a leper as judgment for offering incense in the temple which only the priests were
        allowed to do (2 Kings 15:5, 2 Chronicles 26:16-21) What contrast could be brought into focus in verse 1?


    b. Since God is Spirit Who is Isaiah seeing?

    c. What are seraphim and what is their role? 

II. Woe is Me  (vs. 5-7)

    a. What is Isaiah’s response to the vision and why? 


    b. What is the significance of the seraphim touching Isaiah’s lips with the live coal?


    c. Isaiah’s ministry was to be a prophet’s speaking ministry.  Does Isaiah have the liberty
        to just say what he  wants or will it be what God had purposed?


III. Here Am I! Send Me  (vs. 8-13)

    a. What question does the Lord ask?



    b. How does Isaiah respond to the Lord? 


    c. Do verses 9-10 indicate Isaiah will have an easy or successful ministry?


    d. What can we understand from Isaiah asking, “Lord, how long?”



    e. Even with the imagery of destruction doe s God offer a glimmer of hope?


Application:  Many people speak lightly and thoughtlessly about when they get to heaven they are going to “ ________________________...”.  I have heard a lot of foolishness expressed and doubtless you have as well.  What can we glean from Isaiah’s experience to help us appreciate a person’s true response in the presence of a Holy God?