What More Could Have Been Done? : Isaiah 5:1-30


Isaiah 5: 1-30

I. Wild Grapes (vs. 1-7)

a. Who is “Well-beloved” and Beloved referring to in verse 1?


b. The imagery of the careful preparations and planting through verse 2 is a clear reference to what?

c. What does it mean that the vine brought forth wild grapes?

d. What was God going to do because of the wild vintage?

II. Woe To Those…  (vs. 8-23)

a. This section of Scripture reveals seven “woes.” What is at the heart of these woes?


b. Verse 13 speaks as if Judah were already in captivity.  Why would the LORD have recorded this in this way?


c. God speaks judgment against Judah for her sin but what does verse 16 reveal takes place in judgment?



d. What about verse 20 do you see taking place in our time?



e. If God judged these things in Isaiah’s time will He not judge them in our time?


III. The Anger of The LORD Is Aroused  (vs. 24-30)

  1. How did Judah get so far off track (vs. 24)?


  1. What was God going to do to Judah?
  1. In what ways were Judah’s enemies going to seem invincible?


Application:  God’s labor of love over Israel did not yield the expected results.  (vs. 2) Although this whole time the daily sacrifices etc.  were being performed why was God not pleased?