Washed Away the Filth: Isaiah 4:1-6


Isaiah 4: 1-6


I. Take Away Our Reproach (vs. 1)

a. After the tremendous loss of eligible men (Isa. 3:24) what will be the situation in Judah?


b. What will these women be willing to do if only someone would marry them?

c. What reproach is it that these women would be delivered from (Isa. 3:26) (see also 1 Samuel 1:1-7)?


II.  In That Day  (vs. 2-6)

a. We see in these verses Judah after her judgment is complete.  Some scholars indicate the Branch may indicate 
    the Messiah others simply a time of God restoring His blessing to Judah. What about this passage would favor
    it referring to the Messiah?


b. What will be the spiritual condition of everyone left in Jerusalem?


c. What statement in Philippians 4:3 could help us understand the full implications of verse 3, “recorded among the living?”


d. How does God purge the filth and blood of Jerusalem?

e. Verse 5 indicates the shakinah glory of God over the inhabitants of Jerusalem.  Where have we seen this imagery before?

        f. In the future state of Jerusalem what promises show God’s acceptance of His people for good? _


Application:  God still has a plan for Judah that will ultimately be fulfilled in His perfect timing.  Why should we rejoice that Judah could be restored and called holy even after all the ways they had rebelled, strayed, and sinned?