Though Your Sins Are like Scarlet: Isaiah 1:1-20


Isaiah 1:1-20

I.  They Have Forsaken The Lord  (vs. 1-6)

a. How did Isaiah come by the information in this book (scroll)?


b. What people /area or region seems most in view for this book?

c. What is given to show the span of Isaiah’s ministry?

d. What is the problem recorded in verses 2-6? _


II.  Sodom and Gomorrah (vs. 7-15)

a. What was the state of Judah in this passage?

b. What purpose would a booth in a vineyard and a hut in a cucumber garden serve and for how long?

c. What benefit did Judah obtain because of a faithful remnant?

d. Why would Judah be referred to as Sodom and Gomorrah?

e. What was wrong with the sacrifices of the people?

III.  If You Are Willing (vs. 16-20)

         a. What was God looking for in His people?

         b. What was God willing to do if the people would repent?

         c. Why would God say “if you are willing and obedient?”

         d. What would happen if the people were not willing nor obedient?


Application:  For Judah the sacrifices had lost meaning and were simply a ritual or meaningless exercise.  Can our worship fall to this level of unacceptable routine?  ___________ How do we ensure it remains sincere and meaningful?