The Lord of Hosts, Takes Away: Isaiah 3:2-26


Isaiah 3: 1-26

I.  In What Do You Trust?  (vs. 1-5)

a. Who does Isaiah credit with carrying out the coming judgment?


b. What do all the things listed in verses 1-3 represent?

c. With the removal of order what will this society become? _


II.  Who Will You Turn To?  (vs. 6-12)

a. By what standard will the people then choose their leaders?


b. Why has all this come to pass (vs. 8-9)?


c. Will the righteous and the wicked endure the same judgment?


         d.  How upside down has Judah become and what is it causing?


III.  How Bad Has It Become?  (vs. 13-26)

a. Why does the Lord stand?


b. What does the Lord have against the elders and the princes?


c. The Lord also has some things against the daughters of Zion.  What are they?


d. What will the Lord do in judgment against these daughters of Zion?


Application:  Judah and Jerusalem had begun living in open rebellion against God so much so that in effect they were shaking their fist in His face and had no shame in the things they were doing (vs. 8-9).  Is it possible that people today could fall to that kind of open rebellion?

Can Christians or churches trust in other things than the Lord and as a result fall under judgment that sees all that they trusted in stripped away as a reminder that they are to trust the Lord?