The Day of The Lord: Isaiah 2:1-22


Isaiah 2: 1-22

I.  It Shall Come to Pass  (vs. 1-4)

a. How does Isaiah receive this message?


b. Was this vision of something imminent?

c. Has this vision come to pass yet?

d. Where does this passage indicate the focus will be for all the earth when this comes to be?

e. At what point in history do the Scriptures state the Lord will reign on earth?


II.  The Lord Alone Will Be Exalted In That Day  (vs. 5-22)

a. What difference do you see in verse 5 and  6 as to Who or whom is being addressed?


b. What is the appeal Isaiah makes in verse 5 and what does that tell us about where they are or what they are   


c. What observations does Isaiah make in vs. 6-9 about the house of Jacob?


d. What does Isaiah recommend God do toward the house of Jacob?

         e. Does Isaiah indicate the Day of the Lord will be a good day for those  living in rebellion against

         f. How thoroughly will God deal with anything “lifted up” against Him?

         g. Where will men seek to hide from God’s wrath?

         h. How successful will anyone be in opposing God? _

          i. What is Isaiah’s advise about alliances with anyone  standing opposed to God (vs. 22)?

Application:  What is it about man that he resists, rebels and otherwise believes that he can live as he wants for as long as he wants and that there are never going to be consequences for his actions?

How does this passage help  man to see a little farther than today and why what we do today matters for lots of tomorrows?