Immanuel: Isaiah 7:1-25


Isaiah 7: 1-25

I. Trouble is on the Doorstep (vs. 1-9)

a. Who were the armies that had formed an alliance against Judah?


b. What was the frame of mind of all those in Jerusalem?

c. Was the alliance successful in prevailing against Jerusalem?  

d.  In what way was Isaiah to comfort and encourage king Ahaz?

e. How specific was Isaiah about the way that this alliance would unravel?

II. Ask a Sign  (vs. 10-17)

a. Why did the Lord press Ahaz to ask a sign?


b. It may seem to us that Ahaz is being humble but the Lord’s response reveals the heart of Ahaz.  Instead of trusting in the Lord who may Ahaz have been trusting in? (Isaiah 30:1-2) 


c. Because Ahaz refuses to specify a sign what sign does the Lord offer?


d. Many of the OT. prophesies are seen as having two fulfillments one that is imminent and understood  and one with a future perfect fulfillment.  Vs. 14-16 can be viewed in this light.  A son would be born in this generation which would mark a time of judgment and devastation. What was the future perfect fulfillment?


III. In that Day…  (vs. 18-25)

a. What picture of the land is being presented in these verses?


b. What would be the purpose of shaving the head, legs, and beard of the defeated?

c. What alliance is alluded to in verse 20 “those beyond the River with the king of Assyria?”

Application:  Ahaz was told to ask a sign.  Malachi 3:10 also gives a greenlight to test the Lord.  When God offers a sign or asks us to “test” Him what should we do?  In what ways are we NOT to test the Lord?