I Will Punish the Arrogant Heart: Isaiah 10:1-21


Isaiah 10: 1-21

I. To Whom Will You Flee (vs. 1-4)

a. Continuing the woes from chapter 9, who in Israel could be responsible for issuing unrighteous decrees?


b. Who were the unrighteous decrees intended to victimize?

c. Judgment was coming. Why would Isaiah ask to whom these would flee to? Who was not going to help them?

II. Assyria Will Be Punished (vs. 5-19)

a. Who raised up Assyria and for what purpose?


b. Assyria was the instrument God used to destroy Israel but they were not to destroy Judah.  What was in Assyria’s heart?

c. Who did Assyria give credit for their victory over Israel?


d. In what way does God describe Assyria as merely a tool?


e. What was God’s judgment going to be against Assyria? _


III. Assyria Will Be Destroyed  (vs. 20-34)

  1. A remnant would be all that would return of Israel.  Who would this remnant trust in?
  2. What is meant in the statement, “The destruction decreed shall overflow with righteousness?”
  1. Why is Judah not to be afraid of Assyria?_
  1. How does Psalm 105:15 help explain verse 27?
  1. For all their efforts to march on Jerusalem what will be the end of the Assyrian invasion (see also Isaiah 37:36)?
  • In 609 BC. the Medes and Persians conquer and divide what was left of the Assyrian empire.

Application:  Pride and arrogance were two of the reasons for God’s judgment on Israel (among many other things) and against Assyria the instrument of His wrath.  What lesson should we learn against pride and arrogance?