Hope in the Messiah: Isaiah 11: 1-16


Isaiah 11: 1-16

I. A Rod from the Stem of Jesse (vs. 1-5)
a. The promise of deliverance from the end of the previous chapter is followed by a promise of Divine help. 
         Who is being described?

b. What characteristics in vs. 2-5 will set Him apart from any other? 

c. What in verse 4 do we also see in Revelation 19:15, 21?

II. The Messiah’s Earthly Reign (vs. 6-9)

a. How will the natural world behave differently during Christ reign than now?

b. In what ways will people’s interaction with the natural world be different?

c. Will there be babies born during the millennial reign of Christ?


III. A Banner to the People (vs. 10-16)

    a. What Banner will stand in that day?

    b. Are the Gentiles seeking Christ now or does this refer to the future?  (see also Romans 10:19)

  1. What is prophesied here that involves Israel and Judah?
  1. From where will the Lord gather His people?
  1. Will Israel and Judah finally get along?
  1. How will God’s people be able to walk from the east in that day?

Application:  This future view of the Messiah making all things right contrasts sharply with the then picture of Israel (destroyed for her sin in 722BC.) and Judah following the same path of idolatry (carried into captivity to Babylon 586BC.) Who is the only One who can make things right?

Is it based on faith or works?