Zophar's Take on the Wicked ~ Job 20:1-29 (11-29-2017)

Job 19:1-29

I.    I Have to Say Something (vs. 1-3)  

a. What motivates Zophar to speak up again? ____________________ ________________________________________________________
b. Are anxious thoughts and inner turmoil a sure sign of God moving or

could it be something else? _______________________________
c. In verse 3, “the spirit of my understanding causes me to answer” so

where is this ‘answer’ coming from? _________________________ 

II.    Everyone Knows the Wicked Don’t Prosper (vs. 4-19)

a. What is Zophar’s source for his claim the wicked don’t prosper? ___  _________________________________________________________

b. Is Zophar describing judgment as something immediate or impending? ________________________________________________ 
c. How does Zophar describe the legacy of the wicked in vs. 10? _____
d. From Zophar’s description do the wicked take any pleasure in their ill-gotten

gains? ____________________________________________

III.    Zophar: Job This is a Picture of You… (vs. 20-29)

a. In verses 20-29 who specifically is Zophar describing? _________ _
b. What clues do you see in these verses that would indicate he speaks of

Job? _________________________________________________
c.  In all of his editorializing about the wicked is Zophar’s focus more on

the material or the spiritual? ______________________________

IV.  Application:   Zophar feels the sting of Job’s discourse and knows that

the rebuttal includes what he has instructed Job.  His response here is not

offered humbly from an attitude of love and concern but from emotion at

having been corrected by someone who he believes has no right to say

anything to him.  Does the truth convict us and find us sometimes unwilling

to listen or respond obediently? ____________________________________

_______________________________________________________ _______ 
What happens when we become obstinate against the truth and emotional

against the one who speaks the truth? _______________________________


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