Zedekiah's Inquiry ~ Jeremiah 21:1-14


I. An Absurd Inquiry (vs. 1-2)

a. Who sent Pashhur and Zephaniah to Jeremiah?

b. What were they to ask of Jeremiah and what did they want to hear?

c. What do you think has prompted this effort at this time?

            *Note: This Passhur is not the same as Jeremiah 20:1-2.

II. Myself Will Fight Against You (vs. 3-10)

a. How long does it take for the Lord / Jeremiah to formulate a response?

b. Is the response what Zedekiah was hoping for…why or why not?

c. Although Babylon would besiege Jerusalem, Who does God say is really fighting against Judah?

d. What would Jerusalem endure for her sin?

e. What was Judah’s sin that brought this judgment of discipline upon God’s chosen people?

III. A Personal Message to the King… (vs. 11-14)

a. Who is specifically singled out in verses 11-14?

b. What immediate action does the Lord prescribe in verse 12?

c. Will compliance with the Lord’s directive spare Judah judgment?

d. Judah was looking for an easy answer here but what does the Lord recognize is still present in their hearts and thinking (vs. 13-14)?

IV. Application:  Do people sometimes ask the Lord to remove the penalty for their sin without them ever repenting or having any intention of stopping what brought on the discipline in the first place?  



  February 2020