Zedekiah Hopes in Egypt ~ Jeremiah 37:1-21

Jeremiah 37:1-21

I.    Egypt’s Vain Intervention (vs. 1-5) 
a. Zedekiah is the third son of Josiah to reign in Judah.  Given that Josiah did

what was right in the sight of the Lord how had his son’s each reigned? ______________________________________________________________
b. Did any of the people listen to the word of the Lord spoken through Jeremiah? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
c. The request for prayer in verse 3…were they truly seeking God’s will or were

they looking for a “get out of jail free card?” ___________________________ _________________________________________________________________  
d. What event gave the king hope that the siege was over? ________________
II.    The Chaldeans Will Burn this City (vs. 6-10)
a. How does God instruct Jeremiah to dash the kings hopes? _______________ _________________________________________________________________ 
b. Is Jeremiah pretty matter of fact about the Chaldeans return and intentions? _________________________________________________________________
c. What earlier “false prophecies” would have emboldened Zedekiah into believing

the threat was passed? ______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________
d. How many Chaldeans does the Lord state needed to survive to absolutely burn

Jerusalem to the ground? ______________________ ______________________

e. Is this a boast about the strength of the Chaldeans or simply a statement that

what God had declared would absolutely come to pass? ____________________ __________________________________________________________________

III.    Jeremiah in the Prison (vs. 11-21)
a. During the reprieve Jeremiah attempts to go claim his property

(see Jeremiah 32:8-15).  What happens when he attempts to go out through the

Gate of Benjamin? __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________
b. Why did the king inquire secretly from Jeremiah about word from the Lord? _________________________________________________________________
c. Did fear cause Jeremiah to change the message of the Lord to Zedekiah? _________________________________________________________________ 

IV.    Application:  What false hopes do people hold instead of believing God? ________________________________________________________________


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