Zacchacus Luke 19:1-10 Wed. 5-24-17


Luke 19:1-10

I.                The Need to See Jesus  (vs. 1-4)


a. As Jesus is passing through Jericho the crowds continued to gather to Him.  This created a problem for Zacchaeus why? _____________________________________________


b. Verse 2 ends with “and he was rich” how did he make his money?


c. Verse 3 indicates “he sought to see who Jesus was” …could it be that he was just curious about who was causing such a commotion? ______________________________________  _________________________________________________________

d. To what extremes was he willing to go to see Jesus? ___________________ _________________________________________________________


II.              Jesus Meets Him Where He is (vs. 5-7)


a. When Jesus got to where Zacchaeus is what does He do and say? __________


b. Him being the chief tax collector is it likely others pointed him out to Jesus? __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

c. How does Zacchaeus fit the profile of those Jesus was (and is) looking for? __________________________________________________________


d. Is it significant that Jesus calls Zacchaeus down out of the tree by name? _____________________________________________________


III.  The Transformation (vs. 8-10)


a. What is recorded of their conversation is brief but obviously, it made an impression on Zacchaeus.  Given the details previously revealed about Zacchaeus what changed? _____________________________________


b. Are these changes demanded by Jesus or is something else at work in Zacchaeus? __________________________________________________________


c. Obviously, Jesus knew Zacchaeus’ heart but what evidence shows salvation had come? ___________________________________________________________

________________________________________________ (see also Acts 26:20)

d. What describes Zacchaeus former state according to Jesus in verse 10? __________________________________________________________


IV. He Application:  Can a person be truly saved and have nothing in life change? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

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