You Oppose Me ~ Job 30:1-31 (2-14-2018)

                   YOU OPPOSE ME
Job 30:1-31       (Job Laments)

I.    The Young Me Mock (vs. 1-8)  
a. Building on the last chapter vs. 7-8, 21 and the respect Job had

previously received Job now laments his treatment.  Who is causing

Job grief in ch. 30? _______________________________________
b. How does Job describe the character of these young men who

“mock” him? ___________________________________ __________  _________________________________________________________
c. How does Job describe their physical condition? ________________

II.    They Cast Off Restraint (vs. 9-15)
a. These young men are outcasts living in caves but what do these do

toward Job? (vs. 9-10) ____________________________________
b. What natural phenomena does Job use to describe consistent and

destructive actions of these young men? (vs. 14) _______________
c. By our observation does it seem these young men are also an added

pain to Job brought on by the enemy? ________________________

III.    You Have Become Cruel to Me… (vs. 16-31)
a. Job again describes his own suffering.  What is his present condition?  _________________________________________________________
b. Whose hand does Job believe all this calamity has come from? _____ _________________________________________________________
c. What part of his suffering seems most painful (vs. 20)? __________ _________________________________________________________
d. For Job’s part he recounts his actions as if trying to remember if he

failed to do right (vs. 25). Was he doing right things? _____________
e. Job again speaks to his physical suffering. What does he tell us about

himself (vs. 27-31? _______________________________________

IV.    Application:  Would you say that Job’s lament is common when

we suffer and don’t know why? ________________ Do we have as much

excuse in our suffering to blame God as Job did? _________________ _________________________________________________________


  July 2020