You Must Be Born Again - John 3:1-21


John 3:1-21


I.               Nicodemus  (vs. 1-9)

a. Nicodemus was a Pharisee and a ruler of the Jews.  Why do you think he would have come to Jesus by night? ________________________ ________________________________________________________

b. Where does Nicodemus recognize Jesus received His knowledge / power? __________________________________________________

c. Jesus answer to Nicodemus in verse 3 seems very direct and purposeful. Why? _________________________________________


d. Jesus speaks of spiritual things.  Why was Nicodemus having such a hard time understanding? ____________________________________


e. In what way does Jesus state the movement of the Spirit is like the wind? ___________________________________________________


II.              So Must the Son of Man Be Lifted Up (vs. 10-17)

a. As a teacher of Israel should Nicodemus have understood the things Jesus was telling him? _____________________________________

b. Jesus references Moses actions from Numbers 21:4-9.  How would Jesus be lifted up? _______________________________________ _________________________________________________________

c. What does Jesus state is required to not perish but have eternal life? ________________________________________________________

d. Why did Jesus have to come in the flesh? _____________________ _________________________________________________________


III.            Condemned or Not Condemned  (vs. 18-21)

a.   Who does Jesus say is not condemned? ______________________


b. Who is condemned? When are they?  Why are they? ___________ __________________________________________________________

c. How does Jesus state a person’s response to the light (Jn. 1:4) reveals

where a person is spiritually? _________________________________



Application:  Being born again is necessary to see the Kingdom of God and to enter the kingdom of God.  Is being born again something we initiate or has God initiated it? ________________ How do we receive salvation? ______________




  December 2019