Who Do You Say I Am - Luke 9:18-36 Wed. 9-20-17


Luke 9:18-36


I.      The Christ of God (vs. 18-21)

a. What is Jesus doing when the disciples join Him? ___________________________________________

b. How does looking back to vs. 7-9 help show where Jesus first question to the disciples comes from.  What does He ask and what is the response? ________________________________________________________ 


c. What is Jesus second question and how is it way more personal? _________________________________


d. What is Peter’s response? ____________________________________________________________

e. Luke only includes Peter’s declaration but what admonition does Jesus include in Matthew 16:16-17? ________________________________________________________________________________


f. Why would Jesus not want the disciples to declare Jesus true identity…yet? ________________________________________________________________________________

II.   The Son of Man (vs. 21-27) 

a. How clear is Jesus in telling the disciples what was about to happen to Him? _________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ b. What does Jesus state is the cost of being a real disciple? ______________________________________


c. What is the only reason in the ancient world one was to take up ‘his’ cross? __________________________  What is Jesus really telling the disciples? ___________________________________________________

d. Based on Jesus statement are those ashamed of Jesus and His Word believers? ___________(see also Lk 12:9, Mt 10:33, Rm 9:332 Tim 2:12)

e. What do you think Jesus means about not seeing death until they see the kingdom of God? ________________________________________________________________________________


III.            Transfigured (vs. 27-36)

a.    What is Jesus again doing when He takes Peter, James, and John to the mountain? ________________________________________________________________________________

b. What happens to Jesus and what do the disciples see? ________________________________________

c. What are Moses and Elijah speaking with Jesus about? ________________________________________

d. How does Peter’s suggestion reveal he still was not seeing the Big Picture of Who Jesus is and why He came? ______________________ __________________________________________________________


IV.  He Application:  Why is Jesus question to the disciples still a very personal question to each person that matters how we answer? _______________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________

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