Where Are the Nine? ~ Luke 17:11-19 (December 6, 2018)

Where Are the Nine?”
Luke 17: 11-19

I.    Ten Men Who Were Lepers (vs. 11-13)
a. Historically, the Jews had an aversion to traveling through Samaria or having

interactions with Samaritans.  Does Jesus seem to share this aversion? ________________________________________________ 
b. As Jesus was traveling to Jerusalem by way of Samaria who does He encounter? _______________________________________________ 
c. These men stood afar off… does Leviticus 13:46 explain why? ____  _________________________________________________________
d. Did these men appear to know who Jesus was and how can we infer they knew

what He could do for them? _________________________

II.    Go Show Yourselves to the Priests (vs. 14-16)
a. Does Jesus willingly interact with the lepers even though they were “unclean?” _______________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ 
b. What does Jesus instruct the men to do and why does He tell them to do it?

(see Leviticus 13:2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 17…) ______________________   __________________________________________________________  
c. Did the men believe Jesus and take Him at His word…how do we know? _____________________________________________________
d. What happens to the men as they went to show themselves to the priests? __________________________________________________
e. There was one who upon seeing he was healed changes course…what does

he immediately do? ____________________________________
f. Was this man disobedient to Jesus instruction? _________ explain your

answer. _______________________________________________
g. Was it significant that this man is identified as a Samaritan? ______

III.    One…Returned…Giving Him Thanks (vs. 16-19)
a. Does Jesus acknowledge the Samaritan man that returns to praise God

and thank Jesus? __________________________________________
b. What questions does Jesus ask? ____________________________
c. Does Jesus know that they were all healed? ___________________
d. What does Jesus tell the man has made him well? _______________

IV.    Application:  We ask God for so many things…do we make sure

and return with thanksgiving? _______________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

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