When the Seeing are Blind and the Blind See . . . Luke 18:31-43 01/10/19

                               When the Seeing are Blind and the Blind See…

            Luke 18:31-43
            I. Jesus Speaks Plainly… (vs. 31-34)

a. What did Jesus tell the disciples was about to happen to Him? ____________________


b. How veiled does it seem He was in describing the coming events? _________________


c. Did the disciples comprehend the meaning of Jesus words? ______________________ ________________________________________________________________________

d. Why was the meaning “hidden” from the disciples? ____________________________


e. When would the disciples understand Jesus spoke plainly? _______________________


II. A Certain Blind Man… (vs. 35-38)

a. Where does Jesus encounter this blind beggar? _______________________________

b. Did the blind man know what was going on that a “multitude” was passing by? ________________________________________________________________________

c. When they tell him Jesus of Nazareth was passing by, what does this blind man do? ________________________________________________________________________

d. Does it seem he may have more understanding about Jesus than many who were

with Jesus? _______________________________________________________________  

e. What clues may suggest he did “see” it more clearly than many? __________________ _________________________________________________________________________

III. He Cried Out All the More… (vs. 39-43)

a. When the blind man cried out after Jesus how did those traveling with Jesus respond? ________________________________________________________________________

b. Why did the man cry out all the more and not stop? ___________________________ _________________________________________________________________________

c. What was the blind beggars first request to Jesus? ____________________________


d. What question does Jesus ask the blind man and how does he reply?_______________________________________________________________________


e. What does Jesus respond to and reward in blind man? ________________________


f. Why was it important for this account to follow immediately after the disciples not being

able to see / understand what Jesus had just prophesied? _________________________


IV. Application:  Is spiritual comprehension reserved only for a sage theologian? ________________________________________________________________________

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