What Will You Do Today? (Joshua 1:13) 10/09/19


Joshua 1:1-13

I. This is your time (vs. 1-6)

a. What events etc have placed Joshua in the position of leadership? _____________________________________


b. Who is Joshua responsible for…and to? ___________________________________________________________


c. To whom does this passage state the Lord was giving this land? (vs 3) __________________________________


d. What was Joshua to do with the land? ___________________________________________________________


e. What things that Joshua would be required to do would require courage? _______________________________


II. Think right…do right (vs. 7-9)

a. Would it require courage to walk in obedience to God’s commands? Why? _____________________________________________________________________________________________

b. How much “wiggle room” was God allowing in following His word? _____________________________________________________________________________________________

c. How important was the Word of God going to be to Joshua’s success? _____________________________________________________________________________________________

d. What promise in verse 9 is key to Joshua being able to do what would be required? _____________________________________________________________________________________________

e. What command is repeated in vs. 6, 7, and 9 and what is the significance? _____________________________________________________________________________________________

III. Obedience starts today (vs. 10-13)

a. What does Joshua do after God commands him and how long does it take to start? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

b. If they were not moving for three days why begin preparations today? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

c. Although the Reubenites, Gadites, and half the tribe of Manasseh were given ground east of the Jordan what

were they required to do until the land was conquered? ______________________________________________



IV. Application: Does it require courage on our part to step up and be obedient to God / His Word? ________________

 When is the best time to start being obedient? ____________________________________________________________

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