What Shall We Do? ~ Actis 2:14-39

I.  Men of Judea and all Who Dwell in Jerusalem (vs. 14-21)

a. What dramatic change takes place in the Apostles who are now filled with the Holy Spirit?

b. How does Peter explain what is taking place?

c. Peter quotes Joel 2:28-32.  Was all of this passage fulfilled on that day?

d. On whom was the Spirit prophesied to be poured out?  

II. Men of Israel (vs. 22-28)

a. Full of the Holy Spirit Peter preaches Christ!  Who does Peter state attested Jesus and how?

b. How does Peter describe the events surrounding Jesus crucifixion?

c. Does Peter describe the people as innocent in Jesus crucifixion?

d. Peter also sees David’s words as prophetic from Psalm 16:8-11.  Who does Peter see them as describing?

III. Men and Brethren (vs. 29-39)

a. How does Peter help his audience to see David was not the subject

described in Psalm 16:8-11?

b. What promise did God make to David?

c. How would David understand that this heir would be not just a man?

d. Peter presents the Gospel to Jerusalem…Jesus manifestation, ministry,

death, resurrection, and glorification.  How does Peter in verse 33

explain Luke 22:49?

e. How pointed was Peter in stating who was responsible for crucifying

Christ and what was the effect?

f. How does Peter answer the question, “what must we do?” 

IV. Application:  Who is included in the promise in vs. 39?


   August 2019