What Do We Most Value? - Luke 18:18-30 * Wed. April,26

What Do We Value Most?

Luke 18:18-30

I.                Eternal Life (vs. 18-19)

a. What do you think is the significance of the ruler calling Jesus “Good Teacher?”  ________________________________________________________________

b. What does the man want? _________________________________________


c. Is Jesus denying He is good or is the man missing the fact that Jesus is God (in the flesh)? __________________________________________________________________________

d. Who “did” something that we could inherit eternal life? _____________________________



       II.  Self-Confident (vs. 20-21)

a. Is there any significance about how Jesus quotes the 10 commandments? ______________________________________________________________

________________________________________________ (Exodus 20:12-16)

b. Of all the commands Jesus quotes which are missing? _________________


c. How would you describe the man’s reaction to the commands Jesus lists? _______________________________________________________________

d. Do you think Jesus was trying to help the man recognize his shortcoming or                                                                              were the omitted commands simply not important? ________________________  _________________________________________________________________                                                                               e. Can we fall into the mindset that there are commands of God that are more or less                                                              

 important? ___________________________________________________________



   III. You Still Lack One Thing (vs. 22-30)

a. Did Jesus argue with the man about his keeping these specific commands? ______________________________________________________________

b. Did the man want to hear that he still lacked one thing? ________________


c. How can you relate what Jesus instructs the man to do back to the omitted                                                                                        10 Commandments? _____________________________________________


d. What is the point Jesus is making about it being hard for a rich man to enter                                                                                    

 the kingdom of God? ____________________________________________


e. How are sacrifices made for the kingdom rewarded by God? ___________


   IV. Application: Are there things we value more than God? _________________

   What needs to happen to our priorities? _________________________________


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