We Will Not Listen To You! ~ Jeremiah 44:1-30

Jeremiah 44:1-30

I.    You Commit this Great Evil Against Yourselves  (vs. 1-10) 
a.    God’s judgment was not constrained by the borders of Judah.  Why

should this have been a concern to those who fled to Egypt? ____
b. Should this word of judgment have taken the people by surprise who

had fled to Egypt? __________________________________________

c. What specifically does God cite as the great evil they had done? (vs. 8) _________________________________________________________  
d. Who was indicted in Gods charges against Judah? _____________
II.    Burning Incense to the ‘Queen of Heaven”  (vs. 11-23)
a. At this point is God still pleading with His people to return to Him? 
b. What is meant in verse 12 by the phrase “who have set their faces to go

into the land of Egypt…?  _________________________________ _____

c. Who had burned incense to the “queen of heaven” and who knew about it? __________________________________________________ 
d. In trying to justify their sin what reason do they state proved they were right

to worship the queen of heaven? ___________________________
e. What were they failing to comprehend in their actions and God’s actions?


III.    My Words Will Surely Stand Against You (vs. 24-30)
a. What does Jeremiah tell the people who spoke that they would continue to

burn incense? ____________________________________ _____________

b. What does God promise these willfully disobedient people in the land of Egypt? ________________________________________________ _______________

c. Why was God going to make sure a small remnant would escape back to the

land of Judah? ____________________________________ ________________


IV.    Application:  How do people sometimes mistake God’s longsuffering for

acceptance in regards to their sin? ________________________________

When the consequences for sin appear what is the only remedy and does this

mean that the consequences immediately go away? ____________________

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