Thurs. 5-4-17. We Have Seen Strange Things Today Luke 5:12-26

Luke 5:12-26

I.    A Man with Leprosy (vs. 12-16)
a. Generally, where is Jesus ministering in the first part of Luke (Lk 4:44)? _________________________________________________________
b. What disease was the man who came to Jesus suffering? _______________
c. The man “fell on his face …” Why did the man not approach Jesus? _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________
d. How do we know he man believed Jesus could heal him? ________________ __________________________________________________________
e. Jesus instructs the man to tell no one but tells him to show himself to the priest.

 Why? ____________________________________________________
f. At what point was the man healed? ___________________________
g. How successful was the “don’t tell anyone?” ___________________

II.    A Paralytic (vs. 17-26)
a. In addition to the sick, demon possessed, and needy…who else was making efforts

to see / hear Jesus? ____________________________________________
b. Where were all the people coming from? ___________________________
c. How does the paralytic come to Jesus? _____________________________ _________________________________________________________
d. Were these friends willing to take no for an answer? ______________________ __________________________________________________________

e. What drastic measures do they take to be sure Jesus would see their friend? ___________________________________________________
f. What was the man’s greatest need? ___________________________
g. What problem did the Pharisees have with Jesus? ________________
h. To show He did indeed have power to forgive sins what does He do? 
i.     When the man took up his bed and went out how do the people respond? ________________________________________________

III.    Application:  Faith is important when coming to Christ…in the two examples

today ‘whose faith’ was displayed? __________________________________
Will God intervene for others on the basis of our faith? _____________________

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