Thurs. 4-6-17 ** Satan Tempts Jesus - Luke 4:1-13


Luke 4:1-13

I.                Led by the Spirit (1-2)


             a. Where was Jesus coming from and what had just taken place there?  


b. Why did Jesus head into the wilderness? _______________________ __________________________________________________________

c. What takes place in the wilderness? ___________________________ __________________________________________________________                                                                                               d. How is Hebrews 4:15 connected to this passage? _________________ __________________________________________________________


II.              He Was Hungry (2-4)

a. Why does Satan tempt Jesus to turn the stone to bread? ____________ __________________________________________________________

b. Why does Satan say, “if you are the Son of God?” _______________


c. How does Jesus answer this temptation? _______________________



III.            The Kingdoms of the World (5-8)

a. What “kingdoms” do you think Satan showed Jesus in a moments time?  __________________________________________________________

b. What was Satan offering and what was he asking? _______________ __________________________________________________________ 

              c. How does Jesus answer this temptation?  _______________________



IV.            The Pinnacle of the Temple (9-13)

a. The peak of the temple was known as the royal porch and facing east would

have provided a 450' sheer drop to the bottom of the kindron valley. Jesus having

answered the previous temptations with Scripture how soes Saten tempt Jesus

this time? _____________________________________________________


b. What does this passage reveal to us about Satan’s knowledge of the

Scriptures? ____________________________________________________

c.      How does Jesus answer the temptation? _________________________

d.      How do each of these temptations try to undermine Jesus’ mission?


V.  He Application:  When we are faced by temptation (and we will be) how should we respond? ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________


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