Thurs. 4-27-17 ** You Will Be Fishers Of Men - Luke 5:1-11


Luke 5:1-11

I.                A Pressing Multitude (vs. 1-3)

a. As Jesus popularity grew in the region of Galilee what challenge did Jesus now experience? ___________________________________________________________________________


b. There were two boats on the shore…why may Jesus have got into Simon’s boat? (Lk 4:38) ___________________________________________________________________________


c. What were the fisherman doing and why now? ____________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

d. Simon obeyed the Lord’s request and cast off of shore a little way. What did Jesus do next? ___________________________________________________________________________



II.              A Surprising Catch (vs. 4-9)

a. While we may not know specifically what Jesus taught on, it likely pertained to the kingdom of God.                                        

 What does Jesus ask Simon to do next? _______________________________________________

b. Did Simon obey without question?  __________________________________________________


c. What shows that Simon even though he didn’t think it was worth the effort was willing to do what                                              Jesus asked? _____________________________________________________________________


d. As Simon let down the net what did he catch? __________________________________________

e. The catch filled two boats so that they were in jeopardy of sinking.  What response toward Jesus                                                 did this evoke? ____________________________________________________________________

f. Do you think Simon had listened to what Jesus taught about and this event brought Jesus into spiritual                                     focus for him? _______________________________________________________________________


III.            The Real Catch of the Day (vs. 10-11)

a. Among the people astonished at the catch of fish were the fishermen themselves…                                                          

who along with Simon do you recognize? ___________________________________


b. What evidence is there that Simon was seeing Jesus as more than just a man? ___________________________________________________________________

c.      Who had the “catch of the day” in this passage? ________________________

d.      To what new vocation was Jesus calling Simon, James, and John? _________


IV.  He Application:  What essential part in evangelism does the Lord allow us to participate? ___________________________________________________________________________


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