Thurs. 4-13-17 ** Jesus Returns to Nazareth - Luke 4:14-30 -


Luke 4:14-30

I.                In the Power of the Spirit (14-16)

a. What is significant about from where and how Jesus “returned?”   


b. Considering verses 14-15 together why was Jesus reputation spreading                                                                             throughout the region of Galilee? _______________________________


c. What was the response of the people toward Jesus? _______________


d. After spending time in the region of Galilee where does Jesus go? __________________________________________________________

e. Did Jesus do anything different in Nazareth than in Galilee? ________



II.              In the Synagogue of Nazareth (17-21)

a.      What did Jesus do in the synagogue in His home town of Nazareth?


b. Who picked the book of Isaiah for Him to read from? _____________


c. Who chose the passage that was read? _________________________


d. What was read from Isaiah 61:1-2 and what was not read?  _________ __________________________________________________________                                                                                            e. Why is it significant that Jesus did not read the whole passage? _____


f. Verse 20 describes an anticipation and verse 21 provides an exclamation                                                                                           point to the anticipation?  What and why?  _________________________



III.            The Kingdoms of the World (22-30)

a.      What was the initial response to His reading? __________________


b.      What proverb does Jesus state they would say to Him?___________


       c.      In verses 25-27 Jesus speaks truth from the OT and offers two

       examples…what do Zeraphath and Naaman have in common? _________


d.      Did the Jews in the synagogue like this message? _______________

e.      What did they try to do to Jesus? _____________________________


IV.  He Application:  Why is it family or people you grew up with are often the most difficult                                                                              for a person to witness to? __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

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