Thurs 3-9-17 ** Jesus at The Temple - Luke 2:21-38

Jesus at the Temple

Luke 2:21-38


I.  His Name was called Jesus   (vs. 21-24)


a. What similarities do we see in the birth – 8 days of John and Jesus? __   __________________________________________________________

b. Why is it important that Mary and Joseph were obedient to the law of Moses (vs. 22)? ___________________________________________  ________________________________________________________

c. Verses 22-23 point back to God’s command in the law (Exodus 13:1-2, 11-16). Is it ironic that they “redeemed” the Redeemer? ____ ________________________________________________________

d. What does verse 24 reveal about the financial wellbeing of Mary and Joseph (see also Leviticus 12:1-8)?  ________________________


II. Simeon’s Bears Witness  (vs. 25-35)


a. What do we know about Simeon? ___________________________  _________________________________________________________

b. What was Simeon waiting for? ______________________________ c. What clues tell you he is waiting for a Person and not an event? ____ _________________________________________________________

d. What were the manifestations that the Holy Spirit was in Simeon? __ _________________________________________________________

e. How certain was Simeon that Jesus was the Christ? ______________

f. Who does Simeon state Jesus came to “illuminate?” ______________


g. While Mary and Joseph both marveled what special message does he give Mary? ________________________________________________


III. Anna Bears Witness  (vs. 36-38)


a. What do we know about Anna? ______________________________


b. Likely present when Simeon prophesied, what does Anna tell them?


c. How could Anna have known much about the Messiah (vs. 38)? _________________________________________________________

d. What in Anna’s testimony shows she understood the role that Jesus would play for all who looked for Him? ________________________ _________________________________________________________


IV. Application:  Is there a connection between those who seek and those who find the Lord? __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

  February 2020