Thurs. 3-23-17 ** The Ministry of John The Baptist - Luke 3:1-20


Luke 3:1-20

I.   The Word of God Came to John (1-6)

a. How specifically was the start of John the Baptist’s ministry calculated (give examples)? __________________________________


b. Where was John when the word of God came to him? ____________ __________________________________________________________

c. What message was John given by God and how do you know? ______ __________________________________________________________d. How was John’s ministry seen fulfill prophecy (vs. 4-6) (Isaiah 40:1-3-5)? ____________________________________________________


II.  The People Come to John (7-9)

a. Did John go looking for and making disciples? __________________ b. How did the people know to come hear John’s message? __________ __________________________________________________________ 

c. What was John’s simple message? ___________________________ _________________________________________________________

            d. Who does John refer to a as “brood of vipers” (see also Mt 3:7)? ___


            e. What was John’s answer to those who were relying of lineage to save

them? ____________________________________________________

f. What was John’s point in vs. 9? ______________________________



III.  What Shall We Do? (10-20)

a. Were the people moved by John’s message? ____________________ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­How do you know? _________________________________________

b. What kinds of people came to John? __________________________ __________________________________________________________

c. Did John tailor his responses to the individuals that he was speaking toHe ? _____________________________________________________

d. In principal what was John instructing the people to do? _________


e. What question was in people’s hearts? ________________________

f. How does John answer that question? ________________________

g. What kind of ministry does John state the Christ would have? _____


h. Was everyone happy with John the Baptist? ___________________


IV. Application:  Was John playing the lead or a supporting role and did he know it? ____________________________________ Are we playing lead or supporting roles and do we know it? __________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

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