Thurs. 2-9-17 ** Introduction To Luke - Luke 1:1-25


Luke 1:1-25


*Luke is the presumed author though he is anonymous in not “autographing” the gospel. But both Luke and Acts are traditionally attributed to him by the early church.  Luke like Acts is addressed to Theophilus (Lover of God) who may or may not have been a specific individual. It is believed to have been written about 59-61 AD. Much has been speculated about whether Luke was a Gentile or Jew…his interest in Jerusalem and the temple could indicate a Jew but no certainty either way.  The theme of Luke is “Jesus Christ as Savior of all”.  Luke shares many common writings with Matthew and Mark but at least half of the book are exclusively found here.  Luke was personally involved with those who were eye witnesses to the life / events of Christ.


I.   Introduction (vs. 1-4)

a.  Luke recognizes the contributions of others that have written about the life and ministry of Christ.  What are some we know about? ____________


b.  Why does Luke also put in writing what he knows? ________________ ____________________________________________________________

c.  What can we look forward to in Luke because of the “orderly account” reference in verse 3? ____________________________________________

d.  What was Theophilus to gain by Luke’s Gospel? ___________________



II.  The “Forerunner” is Promised (5-25)

a.  What was Zacharias role? _____________________________________

b.   What was true of both Zacharias and Elizabeth? ___________________


c.  What did this couple have in common with Abram and Sarai? _________ _______________________________________________(See Gen 16:1-2)

d.  Why was Zacharias in the temple? ______________________________


e.  What did Zacharias experience in the temple? _____________________


f. Vs. 13…was this an outward prayer or an inward prayer? _____________


g. What does Gabriel (Mighty Man of God) promise Zacharias? _________


h. How does Gabriel seal the promise to Zacharias? ___________________


b.  Was God true to His promise through Gabriel? _____________________


III.  Application:  How does this passage show God can line up our desires and His will?  _______________________________________________________

Is anything too hard for God? _______________________________________


  February 2020