They Shall Die ~ Jeremiah 16:1-21

I.  Don’t Marry, Don’t Have Children  (vs. 1-9)

a. What does the Lord instruct Jeremiah NOT to do?

b. How was this prohibition an act of kindness, grace, and mercy to Jeremiah?

c. What “gruesome” things were about to happen in Judah?

d. Jeremiah was told not to even grieve or mourn for this people.  Why?

e. How intentional was God in the coming judgment?

II.  You Have Done Worse Than Your Fathers (vs. 10-13)

a. Would the people feign ignorance as to why his judgment has come?  Why is it coming?

b. What does verse 12 reveal about what the real heart of the issue was?

c. What does the Lord predict would happen with His people in the foreign lands?

III.  I Will…Fish / Hunt Them (vs. 14-21)

a. What is implied by the statement in vs. 14-15 that talk of the exodus from Egypt would be replaced by talk of the return from Babylon?

b. The Lord will send for many fisherman / hunters for what purpose?

c. Before God brings back His people what must take place?

d. What amazing thing would begin to take place with the Gentiles in verse 19?

e. What truth will dawn in these Gentiles and draw them to God?

IV. Application:  Judgment was determined against Judah for her willful rebellion against God.  Were these sins that Israel did or did not know they were committing?  Why must we be careful of falling into the sin of willful rebellion?

  July 2020