They Refuse To Return ~ Jeremiah 8:1-22

I.  This Evil Family (vs. 1-3)

a. Who will desecrate the tombs of Judah and for what purpose?

b. Why does God indicate this will be done?

c. When Babylon has devastated what will the people choose?

II. Everyone Turned to His Own Course (vs. 4-12)

a. God points observes the ‘un-natural’ refusal to learn and turn.  How does God describe this action?

b. By Judah embracing deceit what were they doing to themselves?

c. What is the point He makes about the stork, turtle dove, and swallow?

d. What wisdom were the people relying on?

e. The deception that they would have peace ‘slightly healed the hurt’ why does his make everything worse?

III. I Will Surely Consume Them  (vs. 13-22)

a. How sure of judgment does the Lord seem to be in this passage?

b. At this point will it do any good for the people to hide in the fortified city?

c. Was the people’s lament that God had put them to silence and given them water of gall to drink accurate?

d. Ahead of the Babylonians what threat would the people endure?  (compare to Num. 21:6-9)

e. How do vs. 18-22 reveal Jeremiah to be the “weeping prophet?”

f. Vs. 20 is a lament of the people…who have they been listening to if they were expecting a speedy deliverance? (vs. 11, 6:14)

IV. Application:  In each chapter up to this point we see an appeal to repent followed by a pronouncement of judgment if they will not.  What is different here and why?

  February 2020