Thessalonica and Berea ~ Acts 17:1-15 (30 July 2017)

         Thessalonica and Berea

Acts 17: 1-15

I.    Thessalonica (vs. 1-9)

a.    What did Thessalonica have that is not mentioned in the other cities Paul and

Silas pass through? ________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 
b. How do we know Paul is still first trying to preach Christ to the Jews while not

neglecting the Gentiles? __________________________________________   ____________________________________________________________
c.  What sources was Paul using to present his argument that Jesus was the Christ and

had to suffer and die as He did? _____________________________________ 
d. What was the response toward Paul’s preaching and teaching? _____________
e. Was the reaction the same from everyone in the synagogue? ______________
f. For those opposed to what Paul was teaching what did they do about it? ______ __________________________________________________________
g. Why did the mob come to Jason’s house? ___________________________
h. When they could not locate Paul and Silas who do they focus on? ___
i.    Did Jason’s support of Paul and Silas cost him anything? ___________


II.    Berea (vs. 10-15)

a.  Paul, having been hastily sent out of Thessalonica makes his way to Berea.  How

is Berea like Thessalonica? ________________________________________
b.    How were the Bereans different than the Thessalonians? ________________
c. For the Berean’s careful search of the Scriptures what was their finding? ___________________________________________________________
d. In a place that was fair-minded and willing to search the Scriptures and come away

believing…what could possibly go wrong? _____________________________ __________________________________________________________
e. The brethren immediately send Paul away…why may it not have been so necessary

for Timothy and Silas to leave with as much urgency? _____________________


III. Application:  When we hear something “new” do we tend to be more like the

Thessalonians or Bereans?  ________________ Which one should we emulate

and how? ________________________________________________

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