The Wrong Prescription - 1 Samuel 16:14-23


1 Samuel 16:14-23


I.   The Diagnosis (vs. 14-15)

a. What was Saul’s history that caused the action of vs. 14? (see ch. 13-15)  ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

b. What were Saul’s symptoms? ____________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

c. While depression is a real psychological malady how do we know this was

more than that? __________________________________________________


d. When sin is the issue as it was in this case what is the only Biblical response

that will bring relief? ______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

e. Did Saul know he had sinned? (1 Sam 15:24-25) ______________________

f. Was there anything lacking in his repentance? ________________________


II.  The Prescription (vs. 15-16)

a. What was the recommendation from Saul’s servants to remedy his problem? ______________________________________________________________


b. Is it easier to exhort someone to repent (in love) or to recommend a “placebo”

that will offer immediate (albeit temporary) relief? ________________________ _______________________________________________________________

c. Did the “prescription” work? _____________________________________ __________________________________________________________

*In God’s sovereignty He uses this to introduce David into Saul’s court. 


III.  The Prognosis (vs. 17-23)

a. Is there any evidence that Saul truly repented? _______________________ ________________________________________________________________

b. Is there evidence that indicates in his unrepentant state he grew to resent the

one that previously provided comfort? (1 Sam 18:6-12) __________________ _______________________________________________________________

c. What were Saul’s real issues with David? ____________________________ ______________________________________________________________

d. If Saul had repented would the Lord have forgiven him? ______________  ______________________________________________________________

e. When the Lord forgives does it mean that all consequences of the sin are

removed? ______________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________


IV.  Application:  What kinds of things do people try to pacify a guilty conscious

instead of repentance? ______________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

If a person wants real spiritual healing what is the only answer? _____________



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