The Valley of Slaughter ~ Jeremiah 19:1-15


I.  The Earthen Flask (vs. 1-6)

               *The Valley of the Son of Hinnom (Tophet) was the location where Jerusalem dumped their refuse.  It burned almost continuously and was symbolically compared to hell by its NT name Gehenna.

a. What does the Lord instruct Jeremiah to do?

b. Why do you think God uses visual imagery to describe what is coming?

c. Who specifically was Jeremiah instructed to take with him and why?

d. What abomination do we find related in Jeremiah 7:31-32 that has relevance here?

e. What is the common theme of all Juda’s sins listed in this passage?

II. Broken (vs. 7-11)

a. What does it mean that the Lord will “make void the counsel of Judah and Jerusalem…?”

b. The devastation had already been proclaimed against Judah…what new horrific dimension is added?

c. What did the broken flask symbolize?

d. What would Tophet be used for?

III. Doom (vs. 12-15)

a. How was Jerusalem going to be made like Tophet?

b. Where did Jeremiah go to speak to all the people?

c. What message does Jeremiah speak to all the people?

IV. Application:  What happens when men begin to take a casual view of sin and treat it as if it really does not matter and no one cares…not even God… so we might as well go ahead and do whatever we want…after all its nothing that the world isn’t already doing?  Does God know and does it matter?


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