The Unjust Steward, Luke 16:1-13 (10/25/18)

                                                  The Unjust Steward
Luke 16: 1-13

I.    An Accusation of Waste (vs. 1-2)
a. Who are the cast of characters in this parable? _________________ ________________________________________________________
b. How did the steward get in trouble? _________________________ _________________________________________________________ 
c. What did the master intend to do to the steward? ________________ _________________________________________________________

II.    A Radical Plan (vs. 3-8)
a.    Knowing his time as steward was short what options were available

to the steward? _______________________________________________   
b.  What plan does the steward enact and for what purpose? ________ _________________________________________________________  
c. Who was complicit in his scheme? ___________________________ _________________________________________________________
d. Does the master authorize the reductions to the debts owed him? __ ________________________________________________________
e. When the master discovers the completed transactions how does he

respond to the steward? _____________________________________
f. Were the steward’s actions appropriate? _______ That the master

applauds the unscrupulous action what might this reveal about the master? ___________________________________________________
g. Ultimately, what did the steward hope to gain by his treachery? ____ __________________________________________________________ 

III.    A Contrast and Comparison (vs. 8-13)
a. Is Jesus affirming the unjust actions of the steward or the master’s

apparent approval in the parable?   _____________________________ 
b. If the steward was wise to make friends by his unscrupulous use of his

master’s money for his own selfish earthly support…what should the “sons

of light” use our resources to accomplish? ___________________ __________________________________________________________  
c. Is honesty / faithfulness contingent upon an amount or value? ______
d. Is Jesus condemning wealth or material possessions in this parable? 
e. How does the theme of vs 13 compliment Luke 14:26?  __________

IV.    Application:  This parable teaches what we use our possessions for

really matters. What is the point? _________________________________


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