The Truth Of Forgiveness
                                            The Truth of Forgiveness          
Luke 5:17-26


    I.           The Priority ( vs. 17-20)

a. What was the priority of the men bringing their friend to Jesus? 


b. To what extremes were they willing to go to ensure their friend                                                                                                      was presented before Jesus? _______________________________  

c. What was Jesus response to this “interruption” during His teaching? ______________________________________________________

              d. What does Jesus see as the greatest need for this man and how do               

             we know?________________________________________________



     II.          The Power ( vs. 21-24)

 a. How do the Pharisees and scribes respond to Jesus forgiving the                                                                                             man’s sins?____________________________________________  

 b. Do the Scribes and Pharisees reasons about this openly? _____  


               c. In not refuting their understanding about only God being able to 

               forgive sins what is He helping these religious men to see? ______ 


d. How does Jesus prove His power to forgive sins? ____________ ______________________________________________________


     III.        The Point (25-26)

a. For what twofold reasons does the man depart glorifying?  _____  


b. What lesson does this teachable moment afford the scribes and                                                                                                       Pharisees? _____________________________________________

c. In response to what Jesus did what is the overwhelming response                                                                                                     from everyone present? ___________________________________


      IV. Application:  How does this passage challenge us about the

             priorities of the spiritual over the physical? _________________


             Does this passage present physical needs as unimportant or just

             secondary to the spiritual need? __________________________



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