The Rich Man and Lazarus, Luke 16:19-31 (11-8-2018)

                              The Rich Man and Lazarus
Luke 16: 19-31

I.    Everyone Dies (vs. 19-23)

a. What differences separate the two main characters in this parable? ________________________________________________________ 
b. What purpose does the addition of the dogs licking Lazarus sores

serve? ___________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ 
c. What happens to both men? ________________________________ 
d. Where does Lazarus go after death and how long does it seem it takes

for him to get there? ________________________________________
e. Where does the rich man go and what is his immediate condition? __

II.    Tormented (vs. 23-26)

a.    Who can see the other in this parable? _______________________ ________________________________________________________
b.  What did the rich man ask to ease his suffering? _______________  ________________________________________________________  
c. Why did Abraham say the rich man was suffering now? _________ _________________________________________________________
d. Why could Lazarus not go to where the rich man was? ___________ _________________________________________________________ 

III.    Though One Rise from the Dead… (vs. 27-31)

a. Why did the rich man want Lazarus to go to his brothers? _________ _________________________________________________________ 
b. Was Abraham open to the request? __________________________ __________________________________________________________  
c. What did Abraham state was enough if only the rich man’s brothers

would listen? ______________________________________________
d. What is the ultimate explanation of verse 31? ___________________ __________________________________________________________

IV.    Application:  With the unchangeable finality of eternity ahead of

each one of us…of what must we be absolutely certain? _____________ ___________________________________________________________
In the meantime, what must we be doing? ________________________ ___________________________________________________________


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