The Rechabite's Obedience ~ Jeremiah 35:1-19

Jeremiah 35:1-19

I.    Give Them Wine to Drink (vs. 1-5) 
a. This “prophecy” came earlier than the previous chapter based on which

king was ruling.  How does verse 11 also help confirm the timing was prior

to the siege of Zedekiah’s reign? _________________________________
b. Who was Jeremiah sent to and what was he to do? _________________ ____________________________________________________________
c. Did Jeremiah do what was commanded? _________________________ ____________________________________________________________  
II.    We Will Drink No Wine… (vs. 6-11)
a. At the Lord’s direction wine was set before the sons of the house of Rechab.

 How did they respond when they were told to drink the wine? ______________

b. Why would they not drink the wine? _________________________________
c. Did Rechab instruct his sons in any other things? ______________________ ________________________________________________________________
d. Were the Rechabites well versed in how they were to live? _______________ ________________________________________________________________
e. Why did the descendants of Rechab obey his commands? ________________ _________________________________________________________________
f. Are Rechab’s commands binding on us? _______________________________

III.    Why Will You Not Listen to Me?  (vs. 12-19)
a. Who does the Lord tell Jeremiah to compare to the Rechabites? ____________ _________________________________________________________________ 
b. Did the Rechabites actually do what Rechab commanded? ________________ 
c. What reward did God promise to Jonadab for the obedience they showed to the

precepts of Rechab? ________________________________________________
d. In what way did the Rechabites actions fulfill Exodus 20:12, Mt 15:4, Eph 6:1-3? _________________________________________________________________

IV.    Application:  While it is obviously esteemed that the Rechabites obeyed the

voice of their father what is the real point of this entire chapter? ________________ ______________________________________________________________ In

what way can we demonstrate we really get it? _____________________________


  July 2020