The Real Power Of The Gospel ~ 1 Corinthians 2:1-5

I.  Christ Alone (vs. 1,4)

a. What things does Paul indicate he conscientiously abstained from in presenting the Gospel to Corinth?  

b. What (Who) was Paul relying on to ensure there was power in the message?

c. If Paul were able to force a response by means of persuasive words would the response be valid?

d. What role does human wisdom play in either presenting o receiving the Gospel?

II.  Christ Alone (vs. 1-2)

a. How simple was the message that Paul purposed to tell the Corinthians?

b. In keeping the message about Christ and Christ alone what attention is Paul seeking for himself?

c. How does this focus explain the error Paul deals with in Ch 3:1-4?

d. Does Paul relate that he is a confident effective speaker?

III.  Christ Alone (vs. 3-5)

a. Was Paul’s preaching powerful?  Why?

b. Did Paul seek for the Corinthians to have genuine faith?

c. Where was this genuine faith to originate, take root, and grow?

d. How does 2 Corinthians 4:6-7 support what Paul writes in verses 4-5?

IV.  Application:   What happens when we begin to believe that a person’s response to the Gospel is somehow based on our skills and abilities at presenting or our power of persuasion…etc?

  July 2020