The Proud Speak Against Jeremiah ~ Jeremiah 43:1-13

Jeremiah 43:1-13

I.    The Leaders Reject God’s Word  (vs. 1-4) 
a. Did Jeremiah accurately present God’s message? ________________ 
b. How long did it take for opposition to God’s word to manifest? ____ _________________________________________________________
c. Why were the leaders adamantly opposed to believing Jeremiah when

they had previously promised they would obey whatever the Lord spoke? _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________  
d. Who did they blame for the message and what had they determined

was his reason? ___________________________________________ 
II.    We’re Going to Egypt (and you are coming with us) (vs. 5-7)
a. What is the significance that Johanan “took” all the remnant that had

returned to live in the land of Judah? __________________________
b. Who was included in this remnant that are now carried into Egypt?   _________________________________________________________ 
c. After inciting the remnant against Jeremiah and Baruch how do you

think they were likely treated by their fellow Jews? _______________ _________________________________________________________
d. Who treated Jeremiah with respect as a true prophet of the Lord better

Nebuzaradan the captain of the guard of Nebuchadnezzar or any of the

leaders of Judah? (see Jer. 40:5) _______________________________

III.    The Remnant Arrives in Tahpanhes (vs. 8-13)
a. Did the Lord stop speaking through Jeremiah after he left Judah? __ _________________________________________________________
b. What object lesson did the Lord have Jeremiah offer and what was

the meaning? ________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________
c. What was the message to all the disobedient from Judah? _________ __________________________________________________________
d. What was about to happen to Egypt and why? __________________ __________________________________________________________ 

IV.    Application:  People can set their hearts in opposition to God’s

word and will and can obstinately refuse to do what they know to be

right.  Who suffers when they do this?  ___________  Is it just them

or do others around them also suffer? __________________________



  February 2020