The Prophets Prophecy Lies ~ Jeremiah 14:1-22

I.  Drought  (vs. 1-9)

a. What does this passage describe was going on in the land?

b. The people are ashamed and confounded when they find no water…should they have been (2 Chronicles 7:12-13)?

c. What was the first response of the people when they experienced the drought?

d. How severe was the drought?

e. Does Jeremiah know the reason for the drought and what does he do in response?

II.  I Will Not Hear Their Cry (vs. 10-18)

a. Does God scoop up His people and comfort them at the first whimper of their suffering?  Why or why not?

b. What does God tell Jeremiah specifically not to do?

c. What were the false prophets saying?

d. What would God do to the false prophets?

e. How bad would the chastening be?

III.  Have You Utterly Rejected Judah (vs. 19-22)

a. What questions comes from the people in vs. 19?

b. In an effort to stop the pain of affliction what do the people do?

c. Can we determine if the people are sincere in their repentance? 

d. What phrase in verse 22 will the Lord make His people prove over time?

IV. Application:  What is the only way we demonstrate if our repentance is sincere? (Acts 26:20) Does God accept insincere repentance (in word only)?

  February 2020