The Potter and the Clay ~ Jeremiah 18:1-23

I.  The Potter (vs. 1-11)

a. Where does God instruct Jeremiah to go?

b. What did Jeremiah witness and would it have been anything out of the ordinary for the potter? 

c. The Lord uses the example of the potter and clay to portray Himself and Israel.  Who plays each part?  

d. What message is He trying to get Israel to understand?

II. That is Hopeless! (vs. 12-17)

a. Did Israel want the Lord to reshape and reform her?

b. Because repentance was too “desperate” for Israel what did they do?

c. It was unheard of for a nation to abandon her god… what two examples does the Lord call to witness against Israel for leaving her Tue God?

d. For her idolatry what would the Lord cause to happen to Israel?

e. What is meant by “I will show them the back and not the face?”

III. Plans Against Jeremiah (vs. 18-23)

a. Verse 18 reveals the plot of the wicked.  What do they intend?

b. When his plot is known to Jeremiah what is his foremost action?

c. If the people could discredit Jeremiah’s message what would it do to the role of the prophet?

d. Does Jeremiah take the threat lying down or doe he seek God’s intervention on his behalf?

In what ways?

IV. Application:  What happens when we are no longer lay in our Master’s hands and we become hard and unwilling to be reshaped and reformed?

Can we get to the point that repentance seems to desperate?

  June 2020  
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