The Plot Against Gedaliah ~ Jeremiah 40:1-16

Jeremiah 40:1-16
I.    Jeremiah Released (vs. 1-6) 

a. Was Jeremiah left unmolested in Jerusalem after its fall? _________
b. By whom did the word of the Lord come to Jeremiah? ___________ _________________________________________________________
c. What was the Lord’s word? ________________________________ _________________________________________________________  
d. Where was Jeremiah permitted to go and what kindness was extended

to him? ___________________________________________________ 
II.    The Remnant Gathers to Gedaliah (vs. 6-12)

a. Nebuchadnezzar made Gedaliah governor over the cities of Judah and

such as was left from Jerusalem…who comprised this “remnant?” ____ __________________________________________________________ 
b. When it was known that Gedaliah was named governor who else came

to him? __________________________________________________ 
c. What did Gedaliah exhort the people to do that he himself was also

intent on doing? ___________________________________________ _________________________________________________________
d. What was to happen to the people as long as they served the Chaldeans? _________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________
e. I there any indications that the remnant in Judah was suffering need? ________________________________________________________

III.    The Plot is Revealed (vs. 13-16)

a. What warning did Johanan bring to Gedaliah? __________________ _________________________________________________________
b. Johanan viewed the threat as serious and offered a solution…what was

his solution?  _____________________________________________ _________________________________________________________
c. Is there any indication that Gedaliah took the threat seriously? _____ __________________________________________________________

IV.    Application:  Should people who are responsible for the security

of others be naïve about the threats that face them? ___________________
Why is it imperative that those who lead be watchful? __________________


  February 2020