The Persistent Widow. Luke 18:1-8 (Dec 20)

                                             The Persistent Widow

Luke 18:1-8

      I. Men Always Ought to Pray… (vs. 1)

a. What is the purpose in the parable Jesus is about to tell? ___________________ ____________________________________________________________________

b. Who is the parable directed at and to whom is it applicable? _________________ ____________________________________________________________________

c. Is the imperative for men to pray always consistent with the rest of scripture?

______________________________________________________ (1 Thess. 5:17)

d. “Not lose heart” = (GR) (not) and ek-kä-ke'-ō = (to be utterly spiritless, to

be wearied out, exhausted) Have you ever experienced what Jesus is warning about? _____________________________________________________________________

e. In verse 1, what is the prescription to ward off or recover from “spiritual exhaustion?” ______________________________________________________________________

        II. A Certain City Judge and a Widow (vs. 2-6)

a. Who are the main cast of characters in Jesus’ parable? ________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

b. What do we know of the woman and her circumstances? _______________________ _______________________________________________________________________

c. What does the parable reveal about the judge? _______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

d. Was the judge at all sympathetic to the widow? ______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

e. Why does the judge finally intervene and give the widow justice? ________________ ________________________________________________________________________

f. In some parables the characters of the parable corresponds to God and man…Is this

one of those parables? Why or why not? _______________________________________


g. How does the meaning of this passage compare to Luke 11:5-13? ________________________________________________________________________


         III. Shall God Not Avenge His Own Elect… (vs. 7-8)

a. Who are the elect described in verse 7? _______________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________

b. Does this passage make clear that God cares about what happens to those who belong

to Him? ___________________________________________________________________


c. What question does Jesus ask in verse 8? ______________________________________

is the answer found in scripture? _______________________________________________

    IV. Application: What does it mean to be persistent in our prayers? ____________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

Is persistence the same as repetition? _______________________________________________



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