The Passover Takes on New Meaning ~ Luke 22:1-23 (4-11-2019)

The Passover Takes on New Meaning
                Luke 22:1-23 

I.    Seeking an Opportunity to Betray Jesus (vs. 1-6)
a. What celebration is about to be celebrated when this passage begins? ________________________________________________________ 
b. What is on the minds of the religious leaders in Jerusalem? _______ _________________________________________________________
c. Why did these religious leaders not simply take matters into their own

hands and kill Jesus? _______________________________________ ________________________________________________________
d. What initiates Judas into being a co-conspirator in the plot to kill Jesus? ___________________________________________________
e. What seals the deal for Judas to betray Jesus? __________________

II.    Preparations for Passover (vs. 7-13)
a. Specifically, what needed to happen on this day? ________________ _________________________________________________________
b. Being an itinerant Rabbi, does Jesus have a pre-scheduled place for He

and His disciples to eat the Passover? ____________________________
c. What similarities do we see in this passage and the preparations for the

“Triumphal Entry?”_________________________________________ ________________________________________________________
d. Is there any doubt in what Jesus tells the disciples?  _____________ _________________________________________________________

III.    The Lord’s Supper (vs. 14-23)
a. Is there any significance to the phrase, “when the hour had come?” __ _________________________________________________________  
b. What clues reveal Jesus absolutely knew what was about to happen? 
c. Does this passage state that Jesus will never again eat or drink with His

followers again? _________________________________________ 
d. What symbolic significance does Jesus state the bread and the cup would

have for His followers? ________________________________  ________________________________________________________
e. How is the “New Covenant” different from the “Old Covenant?” ___
f. Did Jesus know about Judas willingness and conspiracy to betray Him? _____________________________________________________

IV.    Application:  As we contemplate the importance of partaking of the

Lord’s Supper what do we think about? ____________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 

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