The Parable of the Rich Fool ~ Luke 12:13-21 (3-15-2018)

Luke 12:13-21

I.    Teacher, Tell My Brother to Divide the Inheritance (vs. 13-15)
a. The Jewish tradition gave to the oldest son a double portion of inheritance

and a single portion to the rest.  What does it seem the brother was asking

of Jesus? ________________________________ _____________________

b. How does Jesus answer the man? __________________________ 
c. In verse 1 Jesus warned the disciples to beware of hypocrisy…what does

He warn them of in vs. 15? _______________________________ _________________________________________________________ 
d. What is the point about what is hidden will be known? __________

II.    The Ground of a Certain Rich Man… (vs. 16-19)
a.    What creates a dilemma for the rich man? _____________________ _________________________________________________________
b.    What could the man have done with his abundance? _____________  _________________________________________________________   
c. What does the rich man decide to do? ________________________  _________________________________________________________
d. What is the man’s only motivation in deciding what to do? ________ _________________________________________________________

III.    Fool (vs. 19-21)
a. How long did the man assume he would enjoy his prosperity? _____ 
b. How long does the rich man get to enjoy his abundance? _________
c. Why does God call the man a fool? _________________________  ________________________________________________________
d. What truth had the man not even considered that God asks about in

verse 20? ________________________________________________
e. What actions show a person to be a fool in God’s eyes (vs. 21)? __
f. What does it mean to be rich toward God? ___________________

IV.    Application:  The parable highlights the fleeting nature of wealth

and the uncertainty of life. How might a “wise man” have solved the

dilemma presented in the parable? _____________________________



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