The Parable of The Compassionate Samaritan - Luke 10:25-37 * Thurs.10-19-17

The Parable of the Compassionate Samaritan

Luke 10:25-37


I.      A Lawyer Tests Jesus (vs. 25-29)

               a. What question does the lawyer ask to test Jesus? _________________________________________


b. Why is the man’s question flawed? _______________________________________________________


c. How does Jesus respond to the man’s question? __________________________________________

d. Does the man have a proper response to Jesus…to start? __________________________________

e. What in the man prompts him to ask, “And who is my neighbor?” ___________________________



II.              Who is My Neighbor? (vs. 30-32)

a. Jesus tells the lawyer a parable.  Who are the main characters in the parable? __________________________________________________________________________________________                                                             b. The clue that the “certain man” in the parable was traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho                                                               would almost certainly mean he was a ____________________________________________________. 

        c. Why does this certain man’s nationality / religion play prominently in this parable? ________


       d. Who are the first two past the man after he was beaten, stripped, and left half dead? _______


       e. Should religious men have cared enough to help the man? ________________________________

III.            He Who Showed Mercy (vs. 33-37)

a.    What prompts the Samaritan man to come to the aid of a Jew? ______________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________

b. To what extent does the man help the wounded man? _________________________________________

c. When Jesus asks which of the men were a neighbor to the wounded man did he know the                                                            answer? _______________________________________________________________________________________

d. What does Jesus tell him to do? ______________________________________________________________


IV.  He Application:  What obstacles were overcome in the parable for the Samaritan to do what he did                                                          for the wounded Jewish man? ______________________________________________________________________

Are there sometimes obstacles that we need to overcome to do what Christ is calling us to do? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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