The Narrow Gate ~ Luke 13:22-30

Luke 13:22-30
I.    A Limited Entry (22-24)

a. What was Jesus doing in this passage of Scripture? ______________ 
b. Where was Jesus going and why? ____________________________ __________________________________________________________ 
c. What question was Jesus asked? ______________________________ 
    d. How does Jesus statement not answer the question but reframe the 
conversation? _____________________________________________
    e. What doe Jesus mean that many will seek to enter but will not be 
able to? __________________________________________________

II.    A Limited Time (25-28)

a. What is the significance that the Master has shut the door? _______

__________________________________________(compare Gen 7:16)
b. In Jesus statement there are those inside and those outside.  What 
differentiates whether one is in or out? __________________________    __________________________________________________________  
c. How does the passage compare with Matthew 7:21? ______________ _________________________________________________________
    d. Why did those outside believe they should be allowed in? _________ 
    e. Spoken to a predominantly Jewish audience who assumed they were 
“in” by lineage…what was the thrust of the message? _______________

III.    They Will Come (29-30)

a. Where will people come from that will be in the kingdom of God? __  
b. Contrast Jesus statement about many Jews being thrust “out” and

being tormented because they see the patriarchs “in” with the “they” in

vs. 29.  Who are the “they”? __________________________________ _______________________________________________(see Isa. 49:6)
c. Explain vs 30 in light of Romans 9:30-31, 11:25-27. ___________

IV. Application:  Salvation is not imparted on the group plan, the family

plan, or the human plan.  Whose plan is the only plan that matters and

how are we brought to understand and surrender all to God through Christ? __ ________________________________________________________________

  July 2020  
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