The Ministry of Jesus Christ ~ Luke 4:16-21


I.   Anointed to Preach: (16-18)

a. Where was Jesus (town and location) when He read from Isaiah 61:1-2?

b. Was Jesus told to start reading here or did He choose it?

c. What was Jesus anointed to do?

            d. How can the Gospel be viewed by some as life and the same Gospel

            be viewed by others as death? (2 Corinthians 2:14-16)


II.  Appointed to: (18)

a. What four things does Jesus say He was sent to do?

            b. Can these things be understood physically and spiritually? How so?                  

c. What Scriptural evidence is there to support Jesus having done the things listed?

            d. In what ways can you attest Jesus still accomplishes these things?


III.  Announced the Year of the Lord as: (19)

a. The coming of Christ fulfilled most of Isaiah 61:1-2…what did Jesus not read and what is the significance?

b. The Year of Jubilee was a foreshadow of what Jesus is proclaiming.  What kinds of things did God prescribe to take place in the Year of Jubilee that are possible in Christ?  (Lev. 19)

           c. What is most important…redemption of a property or the redemption of man’s soul?


IV. Application:  As Christians we know that we have been redeemed, reconciled, and restored.  This was all accomplished through the completed work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary!  How should knowing this help motivate us to witness to others? 


  July 2020  
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